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    Personalized treatment for seniors

    Dr. Lorraine McDermott helps facilitate individual recovery in seniors through many years of experience. If you're struggling, call today.


Lorraine McDermott

Professional and compassionate counseling services

Lorraine McDermott is a licensed psychologist who has developed a reputation for professional excellence. She strives to treat all of her patients with professional and personalized service.

Flexible appointment times are available for your convenience

With your busy schedule, it can be hard to find enough time to fit everything into your schedule. We make scheduling easy for you. Take advantage of our day and evening appointment hours.

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We accept Medicare and Tricare Standard

By accepting Medicare, Tricare Standard, and other insurance plans, we make it easier for you to get the treatment and therapy that you and your family need. We help you to live a better life.

Areas of Specialty

Marital / Couples Counseling: Has been successful in helping couples improve communication and restore happiness and intimacy to their challenged relationships.

Senior Citizens: Assists seniors adjust to changes in their lives, including retirement, death of loved ones and physical maladies and to find meaning in their lives once again.

Women's Issues: Offers individual counseling to women to address gender based issues such as relationship issues, PMS, and menopause.

Individuals: Has worked successfully with individuals suffering from mood and anxiety disorders as well as more serious mental disorders. Counseling to those having difficulty dealing with serious illness, such as cancer is also available.

Family Dysfunction: Helps families recognize the dynamics of family relationships and identify the role each member plays in the dysfunction of the family with the goal of changing behaviors to create a healthy family environment.

Forensics and Court Testimony: Is available for court ordered evaluation in criminal and civil cases including custody. Experience includes testimony as an expert witness in criminal, custody, labor relations and personal injury cases. Dr. McDermott has testified in most counties in Maryland and in Federal Court, D.C.

Other evaluations: evaluation for adoptions; evaluations required by prospective employees are available.

Consultation to solve workplace problems among employers and employees are available.

Addictions: Works individually with clients with a variety of addictions including addiction to alcohol, drugs, work, gambling, hoarding, sex and the internet. Counseling in also available to offenders.

Additional Services: Facilitates self hypnosis for relaxation upon request. Pet-facilitated therapy can be incorporated into sessions with a select group of clients.

About Dr. Mcdermott: Dr. Mcdermott has two offices, one in Annapolis, the other on Kent Island. Her interests include dogs and horses.

Medicare, Tricare Standard, and several other insurances.

Office hours are limited to Tuesdays and Thursdays unless other arrangements are made.

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